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The climate in Hsinchu is mild, There are various tourist spots such as the cold hot springs,the Dabajianshan, Wufeng Sacred Tree, Chingchuan Designated Scenic Area, Wuchihshan the Sheiba National Park. Furthermore, the Fangliao I-min Temple, Beipu, Neiwan Scenic Area, Yasen Tourist Farms, Leofoo Village TTheme Park, Little Ding-Dong.

Hsinchu County’s administrative area is divided into 1 county-administered city, 12 townships, namely: Zhubei City, Zhudong Township, Xinpu Township, Guanxi Township, Xinfeng Township, Emei Township, Baoshan Township, Wufeng Township, Hengshan Township, Beipu Township, Jianshi Township, Qionglin Township and Hukou Township.

Located in northwest Hsinchu, Chungshan FreeWay, Shibin Highway and Tai-1 Highway provide convenient transportation to the city. It Is the most important gate of the Hsinchu area. The county government and urban service center are located in the city. After the completion of the Liujia HSR Station area, Hsinchu County Government Phase II, and the NTUT Zhubei Campus projects, the industrial transformation in urban Hsinchu and the formation of the central-island industrial development, the fusion of all ethnic groups will be the biggest feature in Zhubei. Different ethnic groups living in the city will respect one another, and learn the mother tongue of one another. Moreover, cooperation in local construction and development will never be parted. Zhubei is the city which will lead Hsinchu County toward future development.

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There are lots of hotels and motels near our hospital. You may choose based on your personal travel plan, budget and needs. If you would need any assistance from us for hotel room reservation, please indicate your ideas on the budget and accommodation requirements in the Reservation Form. We are happy to provide you accommodation information, and book the appropriate staying for you.

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